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About Arnold Hearing Specialists

Caring for all types of hearing loss since 1936

Proud to be the UK’s longest family-run independent hearing aid service. We have been helping people hear their family and friends clearly since 1936 and as passionate today as we were back then about bringing hearing back to everyone.

Trusted Traditional Business with Customers at the Heart 

A traditional family-run business with customers at the heart of everything we do. By continuing to be independent, we are able to offer unbiases solutions for your hearing loss from world-leading manufacturers and stay at the forefront of new technology.  


You can be confident that your hearing is in safe hands that are here to stay!

Passionate about Hearing Care

Then in 1996 Ian qualified as a hearing aid audiologist. There was never any doubt what Ian would go on to do after experiencing first-hand the positive impact the right hearing aids can have on anyone with hearing loss – young or old.

Ian makes it his mission to understand the latest developments that will help a wide range of hearing loss that he cares for. Ian brings together other independent hearing aid audiologists to create a valuable network that benefits the customers and drives the importance of choice and first-class solutions.

Innovative Research & Hearing Technology 

Having travelled around Europe to visit world-leading hearing aid manufacturers and plays an active role in cutting-edge developments within the industry and consistently researching new ways to improve the customer journey to provide a service that delivers unbeatable and life-changing outcomes!  

Everyone has the right to hear the world’s natural beauty every day clearly, and over 80 years later, the Arnold family has the experience to carry on doing just that.

Why Choose Arnold Hearing Specialists? 

Arnold Hearing Specialists are an independent local family-owned hearing care provider. Our professional hearing aid audiologists are experienced and passionate about giving our customers the perfect hearing solution for their individual needs.

  1. Our environments are welcoming with friendly understanding audiology professionals and support staff.

  2. We love spending as much time as an individual needs to listen and deliver unrushed and very successful hearing outcomes.

  3. Our rich heritage has given us many years of experience to perfect what we do.

  4. We work 110% to reduce the impact of hearing loss on individuals their families and their friends.

  5. We have thousands of happy customers, you can view some of the testimonials on our dedicated page.

  6. Our clinical ear care also includes micro-suction wax removal and ear infection advice and management; consultations for specialist ear concerns such as tinnitus, glue ear, hearing protection.

AHS 1936.png

Inspired by founder Gordon Arnold who had a natural aspiration to help others and discovered hearing aid audiology later in life after experiencing hearing loss himself and had a strong desire to feel connected to the world again. Gordon serviced clients around Lincolnshire for several years and always used the latest innovative technology that was available back then. His son Ian would always sit in his practice full of curiosity, enthusiasm and admiration for his fathers work.

Gordon Arnold.png
Gordon Arnold

Founder of Arnold Hearing Specialists

Ian Headshot
Ian Arnold

Experienced hearing aid audiologists since 1996. 

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