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We are with you for a lifetime!

Happy Hearing aid users

Aftercare Services and Support 

All our hearing aids come with a lifetime of guarantee and aftercare for life.


We provide free lifetime aftercare to all our customers as we believe it is everyone’s right to hear more and hear better every day and want you to get the very most from your hearing aids.


We want all our customers to truly enjoy their hearing aids and understand how to maximise the benefits from them and ensure they are consistently working to their optimum performance.


During your hearing aid fitting appointment we will explain the functions, so you know exactly how the hearing aid works, and we will demonstrate how to clean them, change batteries and settings.


It is important to schedule in regular checks just like you would with your optician so we can make any adjustments and discuss any changes you may be experiencing and answer any questions you may have.


Our aftercare programme includes a personalised booklet with your own hearing test results and journey that you can follow and share with loved ones.

Regular 6 months check-up appointments


Our Hearing Aid Audiologist will provide you with a unique aftercare booklet that ensures you never miss your regular 6 monthly assessments and evaluation of the health of your ears and hearing. We will also make sure your hearing aids are working at their very best for you.


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