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Hearing Aid Fitting

We are with you for a lifetime!

Once you have had your hearing test completed by our experienced hearing aid audiologists and results displayed you would benefit from wearing a hearing aid our hearing care professional will discuss the hearing aid styles available to you with the features and benefits most suitable to you and your lifestyle.

Technological advancements in digital hearing aids means you will benefit from small, discreet hearing aids and start hearing friends and family clearly once more. We will talk you through the functions and ensure you are confident with using the aid and answer any of your questions.


What Happens at a Hearing aid fitting?

Your personal hearing aid fitting appointment will take around 1 hour and we will discuss with you the use of the hearing aids, how to get used to wearing the hearing aids and what to expect. Your hearing aids will be personalised to match your individual hearing requirements and lifestyle. We will listen to you and answer all your questions to prepare you for getting used to aids and adjusting to new sounds and levels.

We will demonstrate how to change batteries, clean the device and how to take the hearing aid on and off.  

Preparing a bespoke hearing aid

If you have chosen a hearing aid that requires a bespoke mould to fit your ear then an impression will taken for a custom fit to your ear. The process of taking an impression of your ear doesn’t hurt at all. It involves inserting a foam block into your ear that takes a mould of your size to make your bespoke and custom made hearing aids.

Adjusting to hearing aids

While everyone is different and some adjust quicker than others it can take a few weeks to fully adjust to wearing a hearing aid. As hearing loss is gradual the brain needs time to adapt to new sounds again.


You will have an instant benefit but you need to allow time to adjust to hearing sounds again. We will provide you with recommendation on how to acclimatise to wearing hearing aids such as only wearing them for a few hours a day at first and asking your friends or family to set the television to a ‘normal’ volume.

We are here for any follow-up questions and support after your fitting appointment and offer lifetime aftercare programme that will ensure your enjoy your hearing aids trouble free.

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