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Helping Communities to understand their hearing 

Join us with friends or family for the opportunity to have your hearing health checked. 
If you are struggling to hear clearly, we can check your ears for wax or test your hearing 

Connect with others

Now we are able to meet again we don't want anyone to feel isolated. We are offering the opportunity to meet in person to share experiences and niggles over a cup of tea and fresh homemade cake. 

Safe & Relaxing Environment

We pride ourselves in providing a safe and relaxing venue where people will feel comfortable to ask those awkward questions about hearing and connect with others who understand hearing problems, 

Expert support on hand

Our expert hearing aid audiologists will be on hand to offer support and an understanding ear to listen to your hearing problems and when possible will offer a solution to help you hear more and hear better, 

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Contact us to find out about our next event! 

Interested in joining our next hear here event? 

Send your details below and we will allocate a place for you. 

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